Call for Papers


The workshop aims to help build a richer understanding of issues related to the analysis and design of resilient infrastructures:

  • bringing the discussion on organizational resilience under the umbrella of CSCW to explore the potentials of collaboration and cooperative work in organizational infrastructures
  • discussing salient features of organizational infrastructures concerning resilience theories
  • the issues, theories, and methods to improve organizational infrastructures make them self-adjusting and evolving networks of activities, knowledge, tools, services, etc.


The workshop will involve a collective sharing and analysis of case studies and experience from HCI, CSCW, business studies, organization theory, SME research, digital transformation, crisis informatics, and resilience research. We invite participants to submit short position papers between 2-4 pages comprising one or more case studies, empirical research, or at least some description of infrastructure or organizational setting that the workshop participant is familiar with and can discuss at the workshop. The position paper should also include some analysis of that setting. We hope to articulate research dimensions around organizational infrastructuring that is akin to the research arenas in organizational resilience.

The short position papers will be distributed to all the participants before the workshop to allow preparation beforehand and to foster intense discussions at the main event. The organizers will facilitate discussion by providing some prominent and overlapping themes identified in advance from the papers. To create a productive setting in the workshop right away, we would like to encourage you to reflect on the following issues: field of your research or/and development, SME or organizational context of the case study, the understanding of resilience strategies, theories, the concept of infrastructure, infrastructuring and methods concerning your research. We hope to address topics (questions) within this work such as (but not limited to):

· Barriers to resilient infrastructures

· Infrastructural evolution over time

· Disruption, change, and innovation as stimuli for infrastructural evolution

· Impact of resonance activities on organizational resilience

· Improvised collaborations for organizational resilience

· Collaborative organizational resilience

· Collaboration in coping and recovery work

· Collaborative innovation through and by infrastructural inversion

· Implications of digital transformation on organizational infrastructure

· Implications for resilient organizational infrastructure design

· Strategies for continuity in crisis

· Role of situation awareness in business continuity

· Digitalization and the increasing vulnerabilities in organizational infrastructure

· Internet of things for improved organizational resilience

· Infrastructural obsolescence


Please prepare your submission according to the ECSCW’21 guidlines, which can be found here.

To submit, please send your submission to Hussain Abid Syed (